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The Underwater Observatory Marine Park Eilat
  About The Underwater Observatory Marine Park  
  There is no other place like it in the world!
          Eilat is blessed with the most amazing and unique coral reef in the world, with an underwater marine observatory situated in the heart of the reef.
         The park offers its visitors a rare opportunity to enter the natural and abundant marine kingdom of the Red Sea – an unforgettable experience for both young and old.
          The park has a spectacular display (over 800 species) of fish, coral, sharks, molluscs, stingrays, turtles, and many other animals from the Gulf of Eilat.
          And, the most unforgettable place of all - the Underwater Marine Observatory, the only one of its kind in the world! The observatory is a tower situated in the middle of the sea, without any fences or cages, offering a rare view of the Red Sea, with its bright colors, tones, and the marine life in the Gulf of Eilat. The tower is comprised of two display halls. These halls are submerged at a depth of 12 meters under the sea, offering visitors a natural view of the coral reef's spectacular beauty through huge plate glass windows.

And some of the other delightful attractions:
Dozens of magnificent aquariums
A shark pool
Turtle, bat ray, and stingray pools.
A unique children's adventure park with pools where the children can pet and feed the "Koi" fish
Feeding – Visitors are invited to attend the various animal feeding displays
Oceanarium – Screening of the movie "A Journey into the World of Sharks", a multi-sensory experience in a huge futuristic simulator. The simulator is equipped with hydraulic seats that move in coordination with the images projected on the HD screen.
The Amazon Hut – A fascinating display of animals directly from the Amazon river; a massive anaconda snake, piranha fish, crocodiles, predators, and many other species.
A cruise on the glass bottom boat – Coral 2000 - cruise on a deep hulled glass bottom boat, with personal viewing windows located in the lower section of the boat, through which you are able to enjoy the amazing beauty of the coral reef, and the Japanese gardens – accompanied by a guide with explanations, and descriptions of marine life.
Pearl oyster opening show

Shopping and Entertainment:
Photography store
Souvenir store
Jewelry store
Coffee bar – in the middle of the sea opposite the Red Sea mountain range

Source: official site of The Underwater Observatory Marine Park (2014)

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