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Zoologická zahrada Hodonín
  The histroy of Zoo Hodonín  
            In 2011 The Hodonín Zoo, one of the youngest members of The Union of Czech and Slovak Zoological Gardens, is going to celebrate thirty-five years in existence. Plans to establish a zoo in Hodonín date back to 1972. The idea was first conceived by the town’s People’s Committee of that time, headed by its chairman, Emil Schwarz, whose intention was to set up a facility that would contribute to improving the environment, expand options for active leisure time, and, in particular, partake in educating schoolchildren and developing their relationship to living nature. For that purpose, a plot on the outskirts of Hodonín Dúbrava (oak wood) in the south-western part of the town was selected and in 1973 the Town’s Council approved the layout for the planned zoological garden.
          Construction work began in April of the following year. The former National Front, the Forestry Association, and the town’s citizens themselves participated in the project and lent a helping hand in various ways during the construction phase. Over three hundred people working on the site at the same time was by no means an exceptional occurrence. A section of the zoo was opened as early as in May 1976, in great part owing to the participants’ enthusiasm. The completed zoo, though, opened its gates on September 29, 1977. However, only a limited number of several species of domesticated animals, beasts of prey, and small monkeys could be seen there at the time.
          During the next five years of operation, with the facility registering more than seventy thousand visitors in a single season, it became obvious that its significance was much greater than first anticipated. In 1982 the original zoo was granted the status of a zoo park, which was ten years later promoted to that of a zoological garden. The facility concurrently became a member of The Union of Czech and Slovak Zoological Gardens.
          At present, the complex spreads over an area of about nineteen acres of parkland and waterscape. The desired modernization has been achieved by gradual renovation and construction of new pavilions. The height of the process of modernization has been so far the Educational Centre, which includes quarters and free-range areas for large felines, built thanks to a nearly CZK 20 million grant made by the Environmental State Fund and the town’s contribution. The latest addition is a charming flamingo pavilion.
          There are now over five hundred native and exotic animals of more than a hundred and eighty different species kept in the Hodonín Zoo. The facility at the same time shelters about seventy endangered species of the world’s fauna and thereby contributes to the fulfilment of the fundamental mission zoological gardens stand for.
          Some of the rare animal species that the zoo visitors can admire include chimpanzees, lemurs, guerezas, gibbons, clawed monkeys, a collection of exotic birds, zebras, camels, various species of antelopes, as well as sharks, jaguars, a pair of Ussuri tigers, and a very rare Barbary Lion that has become extinct in the wild.
          During its development, the garden did not forget to include a range of complementary activities and services, provided for visitors’ convenience. The grounds have been expanded with a number of playgrounds with various attractions, including a children’s corner with small domestic animals available for petting. There are also two refreshment stands, a souvenir shop, and an area to hold various cultural events. The fact that the Hodonín Zoo has managed to preserve the natural character of the beautiful environment of the alluvial forest despite the extensive changes, is appreciated by professional and lay people alike.

Source: official web of Zoo Hodonín (2011)

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